God made man in His image – to be His sons & daughters who look like Him, with love being the most important attribute. He designed you to always remain in His love through a close relationship with Him. He will be your source of love and in turn, the whole world would see the goodness & love of the Father overflowing through the lives of His children. His kids will fill the earth with His image, His love & thereby subdue it.


The Fall

At the fall, man lost that likeness and that closeness which His sons and daughters were always intended to have with their heavenly Father. And apart from a close relationship with the Father, man was reduced to living by his own feelings, thoughts and desires – reduced to living according to the “way that seems right to man” – in essence becoming a “god” unto himself. Man was now living for himself. He was reduced to needing love, needing affirmation, living in insecurity and at a complete loss for who he really was and why he was on the planet in the first place. So instead of looking like God’s love on the earth, man looked nothing like his heavenly Father. Instead of subduing, he became subdued. In a very real sense, who God created man to be, “died.”


Finished Work of Christ

In His great love for man, God sent His Son Jesus to seek and to save that which was lost. God sent Jesus to pay a price and make a way for man to be restored back to a life of union and communion with God – to be restored back to who man was originally created to be and to do what he was originally created to do – to have God’s likeness in His children and expressed through His children once again.


Identity and Value

Just as God originally created man in His image, He also made me for His image. He loves me and never gave up on me and always saw me for who He created me to be – a son. I’m worth the blood of Jesus to God the Father.


Born Again

I was born into a fallen, self-centered existence through my earthly father and his lineage going all the way back to Adam. But I was not created to live for self. I was created to look like my heavenly Father. When I begin to see what I was really created for – when I begin to realize what Jesus did to make a way for me to be restored – it opens up a door for me to change the way I think (repent) – to stop living just to please myself and to start following Jesus –  to receive a brand new kind of life from God – to be re-fathered into a new life of knowing my heavenly Father – a life of intimate relationship with Him.


Intimate Relationship

My greatest privilege and joy is to spend time with and get to know God. He has gone to extreme lengths to make a way for me to be with Him and He delights in my company. And in Him I have discovered the love of my life.



As I yield myself to God, putting off by faith the old self-centered ways and putting on by faith the new ways I see in Christ, His grace, His power working in me to do what I cannot do for myself, molds and shapes me to be the person He created me to be – a son or daughter who is growing up to look like Him – to see like He sees – to think like He thinks – to react like He reacts – to have a heart like His heart – to desire what He desires.



His love is not just for me to receive but for me to become – so that as God has loved me, I might become that love to others. His love has no selfish ulterior motive. It is not merely need. It is never offended. Love never fails.



I’m not on the earth just to be blessed and go to heaven one day. I’m here to look like my Father and to be about my Father’s business. I’m here, along with my brothers and sisters, to fulfill our vital role, as He brings to full expression His heart, His will, His nature – His kingdom on the earth.  I’m here because God wants to show Himself to a broken world through us, reproduce His likeness, His love, in others and fill the earth with His glory. This is not because He is insecure or in need of attention, but it is to mankind’s great benefit that everyone experiences His love and fall in love with Him.


War Against the Kingdom

There is an enemy working to keep the kingdom of God from increasing on the earth. This enemy knows that He can’t defeat God, but he believes that, by deception, trial and temptation, he can defeat those who carry the kingdom on the earth – the sons and daughters of the King. He strives to destroy their intimate relationship with God, because through that relationship they are transformed to look like their heavenly Father, and through that relationship they are empowered to be about their Father’s business. The enemy is happy to see them stay in mindsets, motives, perspectives or attitudes that steal fruitfulness and productivity from their lives – that keep them from effectively manifesting their Father to the world.


Standing in Faith

When I hold fast to truth, in the face of the enemy’s deception, trials and temptations, refusing to be pulled from my intimate love relationship with God, I am truly free to live



Healing is an expression in the physical body of all of the above – the gospel of the kingdom – the redemption of man – God’s heart towards us and what’s possible because of what He has already completed for us through His Son Jesus.