Does God Heal?

Does God Heal?

In these volatile times of viruses, cancers, and all sorts of sickness and disease, you may be wondering “Does God heal”? Seeing a lot of pain in the world and injustices might cause you to question whether He wants to heal you.

Understanding God's will concerning healing

First, we need to understand the will of God concerning healing. Let’s examine a few Bible scriptures concerning God’s will and desire to heal you:

  • Matthew 8:1-3 TPT
    1 After he came down from teaching on the hillside, massive crowds began following him. 2 Suddenly, a leper walked up to Jesus and threw himself down before him in worship and said, “Lord, you have the power to heal me . . . if you really want to.” 3 Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper and said, “Of course I want to heal you—be healed!” And instantly, all signs of leprosy disappeared!
  • Matthew 9:1-7 TPT
    1 Jesus got into the boat and returned to what was considered his hometown, Capernaum. 2 Just then some people brought a paraplegic man to him, lying on a sleeping mat. When Jesus perceived the strong faith within their hearts, he said to the paralyzed man, “My son, be encouraged, for your sins have been forgiven.” 3 These words prompted some of the religious scholars who were present to think, “Why, that’s nothing but blasphemy!” 4 Jesus supernaturally perceived their thoughts, and said to them, “Why do you carry such evil in your hearts? 5 Which is easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or, ‘Stand up and walk!’? 6 But now, to convince you that the Son of Man has been given authority to forgive sins, I say to this man, ‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk home.’ ” 7 Immediately the man sprang to his feet and left for home.
  • Luke 10:1-9 TPT
    1 After this, the Lord Jesus formed thirty-five teams among the other disciples. Each team was two disciples, seventy in all, and he commissioned them to go ahead of him into every town he was about to visit. 2 He released them with these instructions:
  • “The harvest is huge and ripe. But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Owner of the Harvest to drive out into his harvest fields many more workers. 3 Now, off you go! I am sending you out even though you feel as vulnerable as lambs going into a pack of wolves. 4 You won’t need to take anything with you—trust in God alone. And don’t get distracted from my purpose by anyone you might meet along the way. 5 “Once you enter a house, speak to the people there and say, ‘God’s blessing of peace be upon this house!’ 6 If a lover of peace resides there, your peace will rest upon that household. But if you are rejected, your blessing of peace will come back upon you. 7 Don’t feel the need to shift from one house to another, but stay put in one home during your time in that city. Eat and drink whatever they serve you. Receive their hospitality, for you are my harvester, and you deserve to be cared for. 8 “When you enter into a new town, and you have been welcomed by its people, follow these rules: Eat what is served you. 9 Then heal the sick, and tell them all, ‘God’s kingdom realm has arrived and is now within your reach!’

Looking at these few scriptures, we discover it is God’s will to heal. Healing is one of His heart expressions of love for mankind. He is not using sickness to teach you a lesson or to punish you. The enemy is the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. God always bring life, hope, healing and restoration.


Click on the video links below to hear about God’s wonder working power. He is no respecter of persons and wants to heal you too!

Begin Your Healing Journey

Jesus died on the cross to pay for your healing. Through believing in Christ, God looks upon you and sees you holy, flawless, and restored.

Col 1:21–22 Even though you were once distant from him, living in the shadows of your evil thoughts and actions, he reconnected you back to himself. He released his supernatural peace to you through the sacrifice of his own body as the sin-payment on your behalf so that you would dwell in his presence. And now there is nothing between you and Father God, for he sees you as holy, flawless, and restored,

You may not feel like you are holy or flawless, but as soon as you believe and receive Christ into your heart, you have been born again into a new creature that God looks at and loves just as much as His son, Jesus. You are now a child of God. He sees Jesus in you and what Jesus went through to fulfill God’s plan for all of mankind.

God loves you and accepts you just as you are. He sees you restored, whole, healed, and set free. This is His heart and passion for you.

You are worthy to receive healing and to receive His good gifts. You are made righteous through Christ to receive all Christ has, as you are a joint-heir with Him!

Romans 8:17 And since we are his true children, we qualify to share all his treasures, for indeed, we are heirs of God himself. And since we are joined to Christ, we also inherit all that he is and all that he has.


How Do I Receive My Healing?

God heals in so many different ways. He still performs miracles today and is able to do what is impossible by man. Below is a list of some of the ways we have seen God heal, yet one cannot limit God in the manner He will heal. He is so magnificent in His compassion and mercy!

  • Prayer and meditation of God’s Word
  • Through a word of knowledge
  • Through laying on of hands
  • Studying scripture that shows your true value and acceptance to God through Jesus Christ.
  • Miracles in services
  • Our created body has its own system that brings healing through diet and exercise
  • Physicians

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Expect God's Healing

Faith is not something you can see. The Bible describes it this way:

Hebrews 11:1 TPT   Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.

When the wind blows, you can’t see it to determine where it is coming from or where it is going to. You can see the effects of it as it blows leaves and debris but you cannot tangibly see the wind itself. You still know it is real, however. Just as you can’t always see the wind, you don’t always know how God is going to heal you or when He’s going to heal you.

In one brief moment, by faith, you can be healed. Place your faith and trust in God’s written Word concerning your healing and meditate on scripture passages (for scripture references, download our free PDF, “Healing Journey” in the above section). Check out these powerful testimonies of God’s healing power! He wants to heal you, too!


May 21 – You came to Willowick, Ohio, and held services there. I was touched by the Holy Spirit as you were ministering to the people (praying for them in a prophetic manner). As you were doing this, I was touched and began to weep (you were in the front and I was in the last back row). I could not stop but that night the Lord delivered from all my fears that I had. I couldn’t sleep at night without a light on in my room. Now I can sleep in the dark without ANY fear! God delivered me from that and many more oppressive spirits that were always haunting me. PTL!

On FB messenger a Living Word Worship Center partner said her back was out and fibromyalgia had her flat on her back, I prayed for her through the app and told her she needed to go do something by faith and be healed. She went and baked some brownies and by the time she finished eating the 1st brownie she was totally pain-free!

A young man was in an accident and was in a wheelchair and was told he would never walk again. You were called over to pray for him. You prayed and he stood by himself. It has been like wildfire, one surprise after another. Every week something miraculous. Last week he was on an oversize big wheel tearing down the sidewalk! This week it is this!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD FROM JOY, AMUSEMENT. ALMOST LIKE CHILD LABOR!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR RELEASING BRIANS HEALING POWERS.
Mowing the grass! And then a video on Facebook that he just decided to run!!

How Can We Pray For You?

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