A prophetic word for 2019

Are you ready to finish 2018 strong and bring in 2019? We are excited about what God began in 2018 and are even more excited to see what God is going to do in 2019!

Below is the word CJ released at Ignite Ministries on Dec 30, 2018 about the new year:

Restoration from things that have been stolen by the enemy

This will be a year that many things the enemy has stolen and destroyed will be returned to you. It will come back to you in force.

Restoration of relationships

You will see relationships begin to grow and be nurtured through the Holy Spirit. Lasting fruit will abound in your life and also in the life of other generations. This will bring lasting fruit into your life and also for other generations.

Restoration of time

Much time has been lost in the past season through distractions, projects, and people, but this is a year of great orders that will bring order. Blueprints and plans will be released. This will allow you to do more with less time. A season to see unity and people working together to see more accomplished in the Kingdom.

Growth in the Gifts

Gifts will be matured swiftly this year as the harvest is plenty and is waiting on the gifts to open up the hearts of men. Healing will become the norm while miracles and radical freedom like drug addicts being set free, and cancers and incurable diseases will become the longing.

Growth in understanding and knowledge of His plan and His love toward us

This is the year that growth in understanding and knowledge of His plan and His love toward mankind will become manifest in our hearts as we encounter His goodness in favor and mercy.

Growth in the unity of the faith

Doctrines and belief systems will be challenged but unity will come through the revelation and understanding of the blood of the cross and what was accomplished through Jesus.

Lanita shared the following word from the Lord concerning 2019:

A Holy Interruption

Those going through transition. Those who feel lost, lonely, and afraid.

The Lord says this is a Holy interruption.

You may be feeling like your world has been turned upside down. Don’t lose sight during this turning point in your life. Keep your focus on Christ. Don’t look to the distraction. change is everywhere! Don’t get faint-hearted but understand this is a holy interruption.

I am rearranging those painful areas and am bringing healing and joy. I am about to blow your mind with things you would have never imagined to be possible. I have renewed dreams and hope for your future. You may have thought it was over but it’s only now beginning. What you thought to be an ending of something was me intervening to light your path to show you the way you are to go.

I’m here to tell you that something has changed and it will never change back to the way it was ever again.

There’s a shift coming across the earth on how people perceive me.

My grace message is beginning to penetrate the hearts of man as I reveal my nature to people around the world. It’s more important than ever before that you believe in order that you can receive all that I have for you. For when you receive it you can give it to others to expand my kingdom. This is the will of the father that you would love one another. Put aside differences and understand the same love I have for you, I have for your offender. The same mercy and grace I offer you, I offer them. Learn to love and learn to give it freely. For when you do this, THEN your joy will be full.

Those needing to make decisions

I am wanting to move on your behalf and have already. Some are paralyzed with fear of making the wrong choice, so you haven’t made a choice at all. As a result, you are stuck while you wait on a different option or for a clear answer. I say it’s time to be unstuck. It’s time for unfulfilled promises to be unstuck and fulfilled. It’s time for dreams and visions and unanswered prayers to be answered.

You are not called to walk by feelings but you are called to walk by faith. I will not fail you!