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Hello! Welcome to Living Word Worship Center!

We are CJ & Lanita Gaul, the two people in the picture over there.

CJ is a speaker and guitar player that loves to encourage everyone in the faith and to see their true identity and purpose through the Good News of the Gospel of Grace. What Jesus Christ accomplished is amazing and is for everyone, it’s a simple message but is sure to set you free.

Lanita is a worship leader/keyboardist and speaker whose passion is to lead people into the presence of God where their lives will encounter His transformational power through healing, love, and the anointing.

Together, we are a team with speaking and musical gifts that have married well.

Our lives were radically transformed by Jesus when we found Him. As a result, we now have a passion to live in the presence of God through intimacy with Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. We were born for revival. Today we live to see this generation awakened to Him and transformed by His grace and love in all we say and do!

We write to encourage you and to be helpful. We want to share some of our experiences with you to equip you to walk in authority and in the transforming love of Jesus.

How will we help you through our website?

We currently write blogs on topics around faith, prophetic words, healing, your identity in Christ, and power to overcome. We even throw in some healthy recipes that will offer you some time-saving, quick meals for your physical man.

Be sure to sign up for our email subscription where we send extra stuff to the people on the list. Those “extras” include:

  • Ministry announcements to keep you informed when we will be at a church near you.
  • Extra prophetic words that you won’t find on the blog

Now, here are 18 totally random facts about us if you would like to know.

  1. Our absolute favorite type of food is Mexican. We never get tired of it!
  2. Lanita loves to cook and meal prep for the week to save time (and money).
  3. We have a Goldendoodle (dog) named Jake that we adore. Jake loves to help us out! He does some tricks like carrying in groceries, getting the mail, and he’s especially good at scaring away strangers from our door! You’ll probably notice a few pictures of him on our website. Oh! Jake is especially good at cuddling and being a lap dog.
  4. CJ has a talent to build custom-made furniture. He makes it and Lanita does the staining and sealing. We have an Etsy store and a website called Wood Furniture Creations where people can view our work and make purchases.
  5. Lanita is an Administrative Consultant by trade and the business owner of The Admin Professional. CJ is also an owner of this company, where he serves as Web Master (He builds websites).
  6. CJ enjoys playing Battlefield on Xbox with his 3 boys.
  7. Lanita started playing the piano at age 4, after she watched her brother practice his piano lesson. One day, Lanita’s mother thought she was hearing Lanita’s brother playing the piano, but when she rounded the corner, she discovered it was Lanita playing her first song, The Little Drummer Boy. To this day, she cannot read music. Lanita can only play from guitar chords and the leading of Holy Spirit.
  8. CJ loves cherry cheesecake and anything with cheese.
  9. CJ and Lanita both dislike poverty and the negative effects it has on people. They have overcome the grips of poverty and now walk victorious and in His blessing.
  10. We love Kenya and the street children there.
  11. Traveling Internationally for ministry has been a passion. We’ve journeyed to countries like Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.
  12. We have four beautiful children; 3 boys and 1 daughter.
  13. We have three grandbabies; all girls.
  14. Our family is growing! We have two daughter-in-laws and one soon-to-be son-in-law.
  15. The religious spirit is something we do not like at work in the Body of Christ.
  16. We love the Body of Christ and the different flavors of people He has created and what each one brings to the Kingdom. We all need each other.
  17. We are grace-conscious, not sin-conscious and believe that focusing on God and His goodness is the best way of doing spiritual warfare. We are fighting from the place of victory that way.
  18. We have had many powerful encounters with God and divine appointments that have wrecked our lives with God’s glory. We’ve never been the same since.

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CJ & Lanita Gaul

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Hi! We are CJ & Lanita Gaul. Our passion is that everything on this site would bring you encouragement, breakthrough and life changing moments to bring you through any tough times in all areas of your life.
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