A Simple (but Important) Thing to Remember About Dispelling Fear and Anxiety

The Joy of Simply “Being” – Dispelling Fear and Anxiety

Have you ever had a close friend you could spend time with, with no expectations or special planning required? There’s not anything you need to do or to say for them to love and accept you. They don’t expect anything from you. They simply enjoy being in your presence. No pressure, just quietness!

This is the place God wants us to be with him – in a place of intimacy.  A place of quietness and rest. A place of deep trust. The joy of simply “being” in His presence is that He begins to show you things you never knew. He begins to release strategies and blueprints to what lies ahead. You begin to know God by revelation and the beauty of it is, you’re not doing anything at all, except sitting at His feet. You are simply “being”.

Isaiah 30:15, says In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Isaiah talks about being in that place of quietness. 

There is a confidence and strength that you can only get in being in quietness and being in stillness. God strengthens you to do the impossible. He renews your mind, gives you a new perspective, and ministers peace to you.

Perhaps you are facing one of the most difficult times of your life. You might even feel all alone. In Psalm 23, David said he would fear no evil. Did you know there is a place in the Lord where you can fear no evil? This is a deep place where no circumstance can shake you and your faith does not waiver. It’s a deep place of surrender to the Lord.

Seeing Things From a Heavenly Perspective

He is calling you today to begin seeing things from a heavenly perspective, far above the difficulties of your circumstances. He says,

I have a limitless supply of victory for every battle you face. You are not insignificant. I have chosen and positioned you for this next season of your life. You are not lost or forgotten. Let hope flood your life today. I am for you, not against you. I’m calling you this day to put off worry and believe. Believe that I love you, have good plans for you, and that every promise in my Word is for you. 

What you are yearning for is my manifest presence. All of creation is groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God. My heart yearns for you to come into my presence. My heart is always positioned towards you. I want you to come to me – just as you are. You are a gate of my presence. Fear cannot exist where I am. Come to me and I will dispel fear and displace anxiety. I want to breathe new hope into your heart. Things are never hopeless with me.

I am drawing you near to me. My outrageous love is pursuing you. Giving up on you is not an option with me. I will never let you go. I am jealous for you. It’s my love for you that ensures no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Let my peace keep you and guard your heart from all fear. Never move outside of my peace. Peace is the assurance of my nearness. My Kingdom is always at peace. I have deep treasures for you. Seek me!

Dispelling Fear and Anxiety

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